About Me

With more than a decade of expertise in General Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs), I have cultivated a passion for enhancing the performance of complex algorithms across a diverse range of platforms, from embedded systems to workstations and high-performance computing clusters. My academic and professional journey has endowed me with a profound understanding of computer architecture, alongside a robust foundation in machine learning, deep learning, and medical imaging.

I am particularly enthusiastic about exploring the intricacies of GPU design, including both the software and hardware aspects, as well as driving forward the development of new features. Presently, I am engaged in pioneering GPU-related research within the esteemed Graphics Research Team at Qualcomm, where I continue to contribute to the cutting edge of technology innovation.

I received my Ph.D from Northeastern University. I performed doctoral research in the Northeastern University Computer Architecture Research Lab (NUCAR), one of the top laboratories in the United States conducting research in the field of computer architecture. Dr. David Kaeli is my research advisor. I was also mentored by Dr. Qianqian Fang, director of Computational Optics and Translational Imaging Lab (COTI Lab).