Data Management and Modeling for PROTECT


protect overview

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences supported Super-Fund Research Program, Puerto Rico Test-site for Exploring Contamination Threats (PROTECT) is a large multi-institution program that investigates the role environmental pollutants play in preterm birth, a major factor causing over one-third of infant deaths in USA.

I am the database administrator (2014-2016) for the Data Management and Modeling Core (Core D). I am responsible for the following tasks.

  • Provide domain specific upload formats and on-demand data exports
  • Maintain data integrity and featured dependencies
  • Support multi-dimensional data mining
  • Offer customized analytical reports for distributed researchers
  • Distribute sensitive environmental, health, and biological data using EQUIS Enterprise

In collaboration with Project 3 and Xiangyu Li, we published a conference paper and a journal, related to the big data management and analysis.